Youth Ultimate 2018

Anchorage Ultimate is currently coordinating with elementary and middle schools in Anchorage to set up after school programs in the spring and the fall to help integrate Ultimate into the  Anchorage Community.  If you are involved with a school that would be interested in setting up a program, contact us!  We can help set up a one time field day or youth game/clinic. We can also help set up a weekly after school program at the school for kids.  We are flexible and willing to work with you to develop a program that works for you and your school! We work on a volunteer basis and there is not cost to schools. 

USA Ultimate

USA Ultimate is a national organization that promotes the sport of ultimate around the United States.  They are putting a strong emphasis on supporting youth programs and specifically working to promote women and girls participation in the sport.  Heidi Halverson is the State Outreach Coordinator in Alaska.  Feel free to email her ( for more information about the sport or how to get involved.  

For information about the sport specifically related to youth, check out their webpage here:

Community Outreach

Girl Scout encampment

Anchorage Ultimate Volunteers put on clinics at the Annual Girl Scout Encampment in Palmer at the State Fair Grounds.  Girls from all over the state had the opportunity to learn about the sport of ultimate and play outside in the sunshine.  We played some spirit games, came up with cheers, practiced throwing and then played some games.  Everyone had an amazing time and we look forward to next year!


Playing a spirit game called Mingle to warm up and get to know everyone before starting the clinic.


Leaders and Girl Scouts competing in a throwing relay race to practice running and catching, stopping with the disc, and throwing to space before getting into a full on game.


Waiting for the pull at the start of the game.




After School Camps

Several Anchorage schools have after school camps in the fall and spring.

"The kids at Inlet View LOVED working with Anchorage Ultimate super stars – Brian, Jacob, and Heidi.  Our 4th through 6th graders had a blast learning the basics of Ultimate during a six week session of PLAY! Our frisbee club was open to boys, girls, and all skill levels, and I can honestly say that EVERYONE HAD FUN!" - Nancy (Parent/Volunteer)


Family Health and Safety Day

Anchorage Ultimate has an annual booth at the August Family Health and Safety Day to share the sport of Ultimate with the community. 

We host a community game for youth and famlies and have a blast playing on the park strip.

Our Booth and Family Health and Safety Day.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by, look for us next year!


Part of our booth involved a raffle.  Here's a photo from our raffle winner Ivon and his daughter who won an Anchorage Ultimate disc!  Thanks for stopping by our booth!