Anchorage Summer Ultimate League is for players of all abilities, from experienced players to people who have never picked up a disc before. The goal of our league is to provide a casual but structured game where newer players learn from more experienced players. Individuals sign up and are randomly placed on teams based on self-supplied rankings, with an effort to make teams as even as possible.  Intermediate and advanced players are expected to be ambassadors of the sport of ultimate and the “Spirit of the Game” by sharing your knowledge of skills, strategy and love of the game with newer players. Have fun. Play nice. Meet new people. Get exercise. Hone your skills.


Anchorage Summer Ultimate League is a beginner-friendly league; therefore spirited play is critical. Remember that win-at-all-costs behavior runs directly against Spirit of the Game. Congratulate an opponent on a good play. Never forget that this is just a game. It is strongly encouraged that teams participate in post-game songs, spirit circles, games, gifts, sharing of treats, or other team-merging fun. To reward and encourage spirited play we have instituted the team spirit award. Following each game captains will provide a spirit score for the opposing team to the League Coordinators. At the end of the season the results will be collated to determine the prestigious Team Spirit Award. 


Games will be played in accordance with USA Ultimate's Rules of Ultimate, 11th edition with the following additions/clarifications: 1. All games are played to 15, win by 2, point cap at 17, unless determined otherwise by opposing captains. There is no time cap (unless it gets dark, then stop). 2. Joint warm-ups, skills & drills with opposing teams start at 6 pm. Games start at 6:30 pm.  3. Participants must be 16 year of age or older unless the youth is playing on a team with his or her parent or guardian and participation has been approved in advance by the league coordinators. 4. As per USA Ultimate league-sanctioning rules, each team with players under the age of 18 will have a registered USA Ultimate chaperone. 5. All pickups (non-rostered players) must be cleared by the opposing team's captain and league coordinators prior to the game.  6. One timeout per half and a floater; mirror half. Timeouts are 90 seconds (give or take 5 minutes). 7. Gender ratio. Ideally a gender ratio of 4:3 is used. If this is not possible, team captains can agree upon a ratio at the beginning of the game (i.e. offense calls, 5:2, etc.). 8. Follow the directions of the League Coordinators regarding field layout, park rules, and ASUL policies. Team captains will be informed of all rules. 9. Field should be 40 yards x 70 yards, with 20-yard end zones, though we usually won't have enough room to make a regulation field. We do the best we can.